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Visiting Madrid – A Trip Report

In the train station awaiting the train to Madrid, we ordered up some basic sandwiches (Spaniards have no concept of condiments! The bread is hard and dry; the meat is hard and dry. And that’s all I ever got! No mustard, no olive oil, no garlic paste, no nothing. Back in the states a friend mentioned that he always ordered a sandwich de torta y jamón to combat that problem. Basically he combined two dishes – the potato omelette/pie and the ham sandwich to get the desired lubing. He said that the order went over ok with the locals; every other combination or request was offensive or inconceivable.).

Riding A Train

We slept on the luxurious bullet train and sailed into Madrid in the early afternoon. Because of the holidays, …

Iceland for Shopping Addicts: Enthusiast Guide

It’s hardly believed but Reykjavik is good for shopping. City shops welcome you for shopping every season. Of course, shopping hours in Reykjavik are specific. Traditionally, he most of shops work for the whole day till late from 10 8 p.m. On weekends the hours are shorter. The tax is usually taken from every purchase in the shop, which is called value added tax. The best worthy district to shop is downtown. The city is huge and the roads go up and down through the mountains. Don’t worry about the destination. Planning to shop or discover suburbs, you need a car. Car rental Keflavik under 21 rent a car point will help you to solve your travelling and shopping problems all together.

What to buy in Iceland? Here …